Our Mission–How we work

When we decided to set up the Business Language Boutique, the choice of our company name came to us quite naturally. It was clear from the onset that we did not wish to become a “department store” of business language solutions, but rather a “boutique” offering bespoke services instead of cookie-cutter solutions. Our goal is not to become yet another language services agency delivering quantity over quality to a mass market. We pride ourselves in a personalised service to fewer clients and close cooperation with the client is at the heart of everything we do.

Our mission is twofold

  • We offer a customised approach to our clients, by listening to their needs and then offering them a package of services according to their individual requirements, be it organising a multilingual conference, engaging and coordinating a team of interpreters or project-managing the localisation of a website. If we lack the required skills and knowledge ourselves, we can rely on our network of trusted associates who will come on board to complete the project.
  • We help clients, particularly small and medium companies, realise the full potential of professional language services. We raise awareness of our profession and the added-value of reaching across linguistic and cultural barriers to get their message to their target audience and reach out to potential customers abroad.

Since we all had practical work experience in the world of business before going solo as linguists–and then coming together as the Business Language Boutique–we are commercially aware and understand how business works. Between us, we speak five languages, are well-travelled, tech-savvy and highly flexible.

What is the advantage of working with a “boutique” business over a large agency or a freelance linguist?

We believe that both, large agencies and freelancers have their place and it is not our aim to compete against them. We sit somewhat in the middle. With a core headcount of three, we specialise in serving small-to-medium size companies. We appreciate the special relationship companies and organisations have with freelancers–people they know and trust. Since we are small, we are agile and able to respond quickly. We are personable and never distant from the client. Being small sparks creativity because we can quickly get together, mostly leveraging technology, to come up with solutions and deliver a customised proposal to a client. With us, you get the reliability and backup of an agency and the personal approach of a relationship with a freelancer.

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