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4 February 2019

How to select the right translator or interpreter?

Just like you wouldn’t go to a vet to treat a toothache, you shouldn’t rely on someone who just “speaks a foreign language” for your business needs. There are many people out there, specialists in the area, who are keen to help you bridge communication gaps in various contexts.

First, you need to decide if you need a translator or an interpreter. But how can you tell? It’s easy! Ask yourself whether you need help during a business meeting or a conference.… Read the rest

3 December 2018

Guest blog from Russell Towlson, Towlson Consulting Ltd

You’re reading a blog on an interpretation website. That probably means you’re an interpreter, a translator or someone who needs help with personal or business translation. Either way, Business Language Boutique (BLB) Ltd is probably a very good place to start looking.

How am I qualified to comment on translation services? Well, I’m British and I’ve been living and working in Poland helping UK exporters to find routes to market for over 5 years now. Working firstly for UK Trade & Investments ‘Overseas Business Network’ and more recently the Department for International Trade’s ‘Delivery Partner Network’.… Read the rest