16 December 2018

Going an extra mile

Going an extra mile is often defined – in business and in life – as doing something more than required or expected, making an extra effort. In customer service terms, going an extra mile is about noticing and, at times, anticipating client’s struggles, needs or headaches and helping them to find solutions. We like to believe, that it is a mindset, which is stretching outside of scope, service and revenue. It is a human face of business, a flexible and adaptable approach which truly puts client’s needs at the centre point of each service.… Read the rest

10 December 2018

Re-thinking cross-cultural communication in the digital age

In the globalised world, in which we are now living, the interaction between business people is becoming increasingly easy as well as increasingly frequent. The internet offers any number of possibilities to this end. This means that meeting people in person is not the only solution. There are alternatives offered by technology to name the main ones: Google Hangout, Zoom, GoToMeetings and many others. If you trade on an international scale, you have probably taken advantage of some of them to facilitate the communication process.… Read the rest

3 December 2018

Guest blog from Russell Towlson, Towlson Consulting Ltd

You’re reading a blog on an interpretation website. That probably means you’re an interpreter, a translator or someone who needs help with personal or business translation. Either way, Business Language Boutique (BLB) Ltd is probably a very good place to start looking.

How am I qualified to comment on translation services? Well, I’m British and I’ve been living and working in Poland helping UK exporters to find routes to market for over 5 years now. Working firstly for UK Trade & Investments ‘Overseas Business Network’ and more recently the Department for International Trade’s ‘Delivery Partner Network’.… Read the rest

20 November 2018

How to use a foreign trade show to your best advantage?

If you are investing your time and money in exhibiting abroad, you obviously want to engage with potential clients on the local market, build the relations and finally, see the return on investment. Let me share some tips with you that will help you achieve success at your next international event.

Is this the right event for me?
Ensuring that an event is the right one for you and your business is a crucial first stage when planning to exhibit at a trade show.… Read the rest