28 February 2019

Market Value of Language

Market Value of Language

The uniqueness of the international business lies in a wide array of languages, religions and cultures, all coming together to exchange experiences, markets and strategies. There is no doubt that such an environment poses challenges – barriers to communication, lack of understanding of cultures and values of a given geographical region or business environment. Overcoming those is paramount in achieving international presence, and a strong language policy – a multilingual and multicultural communication strategy – is indispensable in the global development of an enterprise.… Read the rest

4 February 2019

How to select the right translator or interpreter?

Just like you wouldn’t go to a vet to treat a toothache, you shouldn’t rely on someone who just “speaks a foreign language” for your business needs. There are many people out there, specialists in the area, who are keen to help you bridge communication gaps in various contexts.

First, you need to decide if you need a translator or an interpreter. But how can you tell? It’s easy! Ask yourself whether you need help during a business meeting or a conference.… Read the rest

15 January 2019

How to work effectively with interpreters

Have you ever used the services of an interpreter to facilitate communication with a speaker of another language? If you did, we hope that everything went well, and you achieved the desired outcome. If you’re however thinking to hire an interpreter for the first time, you may find the following tips helpful.

Before hiring your interpreter or indeed an entire team, always ensure to…

…check their credentials. It is a common misconception that everyone who speaks a foreign language can act as a professional interpreter.… Read the rest

7 January 2019

Business etiquette in Poland

Please briefly introduce yourself

My name is Kasia Lanucha, I was born in Poland and I lived and studied in Germany before coming to the UK in 2006. I help individuals and organisations break into and flourish in both the UK and Polish markets through cross-cultural training and coaching,

Why cross-cultural training and coaching?

 My becoming a cross-cultural trainer and coach was in many ways an organic process. I used to teach languages in the business sector and realised that my students were in greater need for cultural guidance than improved language skills.… Read the rest