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Polish Business Roadshow in Scotland attracted over 100 entrepreneurs

The first Polish Business Roadshow in Scotland took place in October 2018. A series of events in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen attracted over 100 entrepreneurs and people interested in setting up their first company.

The aim of this project, which was co-financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the fund for cooperation with Polish diaspora and Poles abroad, was to promote Polish business in Scotland, support Polish entrepreneurs and provide them with reliable and professional expertise in relation to setting up and running their own companies not only in Scotland but also throughout the United Kingdom.

“We had the opportunity to host people from different industries: from construction, the services sector to tradespeople”, said Bartłomiej Kowalczyk, the organiser of the Roadshow.

“The important element of the meetings was the fact that there was a Polish interpreter available, who was particularly active during the consultations with the Scottish solicitor”, added Bartłomiej.

The experts of this Roadshow included: solicitors from TC Young Solicitors, Dorota Iwankiewicz from DM2 Agency and Wojtek Dobkiewicz from Gillespie’s Accountants. The organiser of this project was Polish Business Link.

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